Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guitar made of cocaine

Blow the audience away. ... Sorry.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
click here: musicthing

iPod couch

click here (bornrich)
Or you could just buy another iPod.

Dubai - The world's fastest growing city

long money vs. loooooooong money

50 <3 Pontiac

For those of you who believe he'd actually drive this off the estate. ... I dig, though.

The World's coolest swimming pools


Chamillionare = good music, great quotes

Chamillionaire on music execs. I know a few cool, hardworking music execs, and I know some who just aint sh-t. I love hearing this dude speak. Listen, kiddies.

Not sure, but at least it looks kool.

Lolly Jane Blue - Worms

Kim Kardashian in Playboy


Please, make it stop. ... For the kids.